Basic Training

When you get better, you get stronger. When you get stronger, you get leaner. When you get leaner, you feel like a boss.
  1. 3 Days a week
    3 Days a week
    During the 3-day a week program, come blast your chest, back, and legs for total strength building. Every workout you are encouraged to better than you were last time. Using timed intervals you do your best not your neighbors!! This is your workout!! Make it count.
  2. 30 Minute workout
    30 Minute workout
    Custom Muscle Bootcamps give you an intensive 30 minute workout. Its the right schedule for burning off fat you want to lose and build the muscle you want to keep without overtaxing your busy schedule. Or if my primary boot camp session doesn't fit your schedule choose the evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Make Results Not Excuses
    Make Results Not Excuses
    DescriptionChange your thoughts and you will change your body and your life. The right mental attitude is just as important as exercise and diet!!
Bootcamp Schedule