What are Amino Acid supplements like Catalyst and why should I care?


What are Amino Acid supplements like Catalyst and why should I care?
Saturday, October 17, 2015


Whether you’re interested in building muscle or preventing muscle loss that normally occurs during dieting and aging, stimulating protein synthesis is absolutely key. Most people know that consuming protein induces an increase in muscle protein synthesis, which is why protein supplements are popular to consume after exercise. Now researchers are refining their knowledge on why protein stimulates anabolism (building up) in muscle. Scientists have shown it is the level of amino acids in the blood that directly boosts protein synthesis in muscles.

When the body goes into burn-mode it is searching  for energy sources. While Fat is one of those sources that gets burned off for energy during calorie restriction, your body is just as happy eating muscle tissue. As a result when you are restricting calorie intake you burn muscle and fat indiscriminately. This is why you see larger drops in your actual weight. I am sure most of you have heard muscle weighs more than fat. This is absolutely true, so although you are seeing great results on the scale, somehow you are remaining a little squishy. You also tend to lose muscle tone while you are changing your diet and dropping pounds. This is where Amino acids can help! Catalyst by Advocare is an amino acid supplement, so it is completely safe and even good for you. It is a high end supplement with high levels of the right Aminos.  It feeds and protects your muscles while your body is eating away at fat energy stores. What does this mean? You are primarily burning fat. Not Muscle! It is like liposuction in a bottle.

You know it is working when you see less change on a scale but a huge drop in inches. I personally use this product and suggest it to anyone trying to lose fat and tone up!

As you get from it's nickname "Lipo In A Bottle" taking Catalyst  immediately begins to firm up and tone your muscle!!! On top of the toned muscle the catalyst supplement also enhances strength and provides sustained energy during your workout! You are able to take up to 3 pills 3 times each day (in btwn meals) I usually take 2 .. 3x a day  and children at the age of 12 can begin taking it!