From the bootcamp front line to the chow line


From the bootcamp front line to the chow line
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nutrition for Victory

While regular, intense exercise is our main assault on fat and flab, victory is not possible without the right ammunition. A good diet based on solid nutrition principles to losing fat and becoming stronger and leaner. And, by diet we don't mean some fad in which you totally eliminate a certain kind of food or try to exist on only certain kinds of food.  I am talking about a balanced system of nutrition that is optimized to achieve your fitness goals and provide the proper fuel to power you through your boot camp workouts. The food you eat is converted into energy that is used by the muscles and other organs of the body. Nutrients from food are also used to build new tissue and heal damaged tissue throughout your body. They also combat disease and illness.

An important part of maintaining a good diet is consuming the amount of calories your body needs to maintain strength and energy without going too far over or under that amount.

When choosing foods to fit in your menu, choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. The more food is processed , that is the more hands and machines its passed through before reaching your mouth, the fewer nutrients it has. So, in the pursuit of food that is close to its natural state, it should be obvious that 'food' like Twinkies, and hot dogs are definite no-no's.

I know I know one big challenge everyone faces during bootcamp days, is that the high-intensity workouts make you super hungry. There's no getting around it: your muscles consume energy and that energy needs to be restored so your body seeks food. Unfortunately, its often the case that the quickest and simplest things available to fill that need are candy bars, soft drinks, leftover pizza and other high calorie, low nutrient foods-- most of which get the bulk of their calories from simple sugars and saturated fats.

The solution to this problem is planning. You know you're going to get hungry, so pack a cooler with tasty turkey breast sandwiches, a protein shake, some fruit, some Spark :), or other healthy food that's going to fill the need without filling your hips. A great Post-workout drink that quickly restores energy really is Spark with some BCAA's. Experiment a little with different foods each day to see which ones help you recover quickest without excessive calories

Upon starting boot camp on August 3rd I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Shannon Turner and Advocare to give everyone the option of their Nutrition kick start The 24 day challenge. I have searched for years for a program to share with all of you that makes sense and is doable for everyone. I have seen people making great changes in their bodies through exercise and diet in the last session using this program.

Thursday July 23rd  at 9:30 am at the Buckeye Fire and Grill is the last workout of this session I am inviting everyone that would like to try out a boot camp workout or Spark from Advocare to stop out. both are FREE!!

.We will also have a boot camp/spark express workout Tuesday 28th at 6am at Shannons house by the pool. its her 35th birthday too!! She lives at 16880 County road 46 about 6 miles south of Bellevue.  

I officially start my 24 day challenge the first day of boot camp Aug 3rd. start with me... we can survive this together!!